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Asaf Weinbroom

Designer & Craftsman | @asafweinbroom

" I once had a teacher who said, if you do one thing for a long time, you will eventually become an expert. I followed this truth and decided to focus on Lighting. I love hinges and connectors and things that move. Like a dancer standing on stage, as he suddenly moves, the shape changes and morphs into a new kind of line you didn't expect. I love to play in the same way with lighting fixtures. The smallest details, the zoom-in, they are very important to me and they define how the lighting fixture will look "

Asaf Weinbroom

About Asaf

Asaf Winbrom, 39, designer and manufacturer of lighting fixtures, surfer, off-road motorcycle rider and swimmer. Graduated Industrial Designer, Shankar.

" I graduated in 2009, and immediately opened the studio (after traveling for 3 months in Central America). I rented a corner in a carpentry shop and started working. It took a long time to create and accumulate the first collection. In terms of product quality, it excites me to work on details, connectors and mechanisms, and in Lighting there is a lot of room for that. "

Where do you work from?

The factory and exhibition space in south Tel Aviv, where we produce and display our work.

I work on sketches outside the studio, at home or in cafes.

Your favorite part of the day?

Each day for me is different. Sometimes a meeting with clients, sometimes working on the production of a new model, or touring suppliers with my motorcycle. My regular daily habit is the first coffee, at about 4:00 p.m. Coffee at the beginning of the day works less for me, I wait for it all day, this is my end-of-work break.

A task that you would be glad not to do?

Everything related to the office or working in a fixed position all day, especially reading texts.

I love working with my hands, playing with materials, meeting new people, being on the move.

A defining moment, or a turning point in your career that you particularly remember?

There were many of these, many dreams that I have fulfilled since graduation, starting with my independent studio, a workshop full of my tools where I can play and design whatever I want, present my lighting fixtures to an international audience, and of course, make a living of what I love and am good at.

" When I design, I usually think about whether it is convenient for production and who would buy it. Considerations of a business owner. Then, I release the commercial aspect for a moment, and, like a student with no limitations and no one to ask him how it will sell, I do a little of whatever I want "


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