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Inbal Ithachi

Photographer | @inbal ithachi

Inbal Ithachi

About Inbal

Inbal Yitzhaki-Hayon, 39. Photographer, Designer and host of Bites & Arts: Art, Design and Dessert tours in San Francisco. Mother of three, graduate of the Jewelry Design Department at "Shankar" and has a master's degree in design from Academy Creative Milan, Italy. She has been living in California for the past six years.

Where do you work from?

During the Corona days I work mainly from my studio. Before that I used to work a lot in coffee shops as well.

Your favorite part of the day?

I really like the morning, a new beginning. After I write down all my tasks, I sit down with a cup of coffee and start my day.

A task that you would be glad not to do?

Bureaucratic issues, taxes, etc.

A defining moment, or a turning point in your career that you particularly remember?

When I decided to combine my great love for people and hospitality, with my desire to roam and discover new, hidden corners of the city, which are always related to art, design and desserts. That's how my Bites & Arts business was born.

" Any excuse to stay home and watch something great on TV or read. If you twist my arm, I'd probably put on my rain-boots and drink coffee right next to the hood of my car. "


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