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Our Story

SOMEWHERE was created for the worker on the move. We produce stationery, desktop And travel to make your working days easier and beautiful, anywhere you go.


While you move, SOMEWHERE offers you the tools and setting you need to do things your way, always.

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Who are we for

SOMEWHERE is for people that live and work in constantly changing environments. Our products are for people that live and create on the move. People between the ages of 20 to 50 that travel for work or work at travel, either within a structured position or as entrepreneurs. Our clients are people that constantly dependent on new interchanging environments for their comfort, needs and amenities.

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The Brand Values


Wandering is a state of mind. We are constantly juggling jobs, screens, ideas and thoughts. Somewhere offers a variety of products and designs to support the new, ever- changing work environment


Somewhere reflects the value of freedom to think and choose. Our rich variety of products, designs and colors are essential for your new and changing needs.


Somewhere enriches your workspace with a wide range of products, all made with deep consideration to meet your evolving needs and make your working day more pleasant and efficient.


Somewhere benefits every working environment. Whether you are individuals or organizations, we can offer personalized kits with your choice of branding.

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