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If there's one thing we've realized this year, it's that we're in this business together. It is not good for a person to be alone with himself, even more so if it is a working person. The one who is expected to produce and work creatively, to be flexible, to think outside the boundaries of the sector in which he is.

The past year has taken us out of our comfort zone in every possible sense,

This year actually changed and broke accepted conventions for us, changed clear boundaries. All this in stages one after the other. But it also made us look into ourselves and focus on our exact needs in the new world of work.

We aspire and want to be productive, and we need people like us at our side. It is true to say that it is like people who choose their own clothes in the morning and know how to comb their hair by themselves. We also know that with all the good will, emails and Zoom meetings are not enough when you want to brain storm, and that working at home has too many interesting and fun distractions such as the pile of dishes in the sink or the annoying layer of dust above the refrigerator. Well, congratulations. Acknowledging the problem is the beginning of the solution.

You may very well need your own coffee shop. One where you can work intensively on the laptop with a cup of Americano for hours and hold meetings over a Caesar salad without chicken with dressing on the side.

Of course, not every cafe with an electrical connection will do the job. It should have a productive but not too noisy atmosphere, delicious coffee and something nice to snack on, and no less important but very significant - that it should be pleasant to look at its design. We like to stare.

Here are some places that definitely deserve the job: WayCup Cafe in Yohanan Sandler combines two very important elements - a shaded outdoor bar with electrical outlets, and delicious coffee.

The Little Prince in King George is recommended for those who work best when surrounded by books written by other writers. Cafe Shelag, up Gaula Street that leads to the beach, offers a bohemian but non-jobless environment.

And there is the Barzilai Farm in Neve Tzedek, it is a desirable spot for the hardworking and vegan worker.


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