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What Type of Person Are You?

Whether you are a morning person or a late morning person, without even noticing it, you too have become a one-person mobile office.

The new, evolving world of employees, the one we are still waking up to and gradually adapting to, can be divided into two categories: morning types and late morning types.

Some of us can leap out of bed at sunrise, to the sound of the garbage truck, get ready and rush out to our daily routine. The music in our headphones massages our brain, thoughts begin to float, then connect to each other and organize themselves in our head.

First thought: Coffee. Now.

Morning people have already figured out that only those who arrive early to the cafe will have the luxury to sit in the corner by the window, unload everything from inside their bag onto the table, and not leave their perfect spot for hours.

The coolest thing is to observe the passers-by on the street while our head wanders. Hmmmm… thoughts of Vietnamese noodle salad for lunch again?

It's really going to be a long day.

Inside their bags, morning people have everything they need for a day that will always start with their regular coffee and end each time somewhere else.

A bottle of cold water, a box with healthy snacks, a designed notebook and pencil case, and of course, how can you manage without a phone, laptop and chargers.

On the other end of the bed, we find the late morning people, who believe, and probably rightly so, that the world can always wait a few more minutes.

We need another 15 minutes of sleep, because we are right in the middle of a dream about freshly baked cookies.

Like the slow food and slow fashion movement, we also believe that life should be taken slowly. Only after the third snooze will you find us going into the shower. By the time we get out, the coffee in the makineta will probably be ready. There’s no rush to go out, the cafes are already crowded by now.

Late morning people move between their work corner at home and other, less crowded places, like a museum library.

It's the perfect place to be inspired. They can stay there until sunset, perhaps even later, and then move on to dinner with friends nearby. They take with them a cup of herbal infusion or hot coffee and a box of delicious cookies. Inspired by this tranquil environment, they open a new page in their designed notebook, and have fun thinking of new solutions to old problems or an old solution to a new problem.

Whether you are a morning type or a late morning type, without realizing it, you too have probably become a one-person mobile office in recent years. Products that can assist in this continuous process have become more significant and important than ever. A beautiful notebook that is fun to open, a pencil case with inspiring words, they are the kind of products that mediate our various transitions in the career world. They alleviate the shock of moving from one place to another. They help us connect to ourselves anywhere, anytime, as we continue to be on the move, between home and office, between offline and online. With them we can find our familiar place wherever we are.

Using these products, we will be able to organize our space and our thoughts quickly and efficiently, somewhere, anywhere.

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