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What makes a "place" a "workplace"? Simply put: whatever works.

First, it must have tables and chairs or benches. It should be a relatively shady place. It is significant that it has an exact balance between silence and the movement of people. It is also important to maintain a balance between familiar people and complete strangers, of course there must be a good cafe nearby and a delicious lunch. Here are some ideas for such places in Tel Aviv.

There are many good reasons to leave the office at home and take the laptop for a trip. For example, the need to breathe fresh air, or to communicate with someone who is not a capricious cat or to contrast with an electric kettle. In the current work climate, with the growing need to create a separation between working time and personal life, this raises the possibility of breaking the boundaries of the home office, perhaps even changing the decor, despite the magnificent collection of succulents and the relaxing background noise of the washing machine. Basically, instead of changing your house, which is clearly an extreme step, try to start by turning your favorite street corners into the workplace you've always wanted. Parks, gardens, squares - everything goes. In the current world age, the world is basically one big office.

Behind the Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa stretches a Groningen Garden with a complicated name that is hard to pronounce, named after the Dutch city that financed its establishment as a gesture of generous friendship.

You will find here a lawn with very shady corners with tables made of concrete, the park is close to Hummus Abu Hassan, which guarantees that you will not remain hungry.

In the Noga neighborhood in Jaffa, at the corner of Nitsana and Segula streets, there is a shady square with concrete tables and wooden seating areas. For the benefit of visitors in the area, several cafes such as Urban Bakery and Caplix are responsible for the coffee and pastries for them.

On weekdays, you should also check out the picnic tables in the Charles Clore Garden, which is located on the seashore, on the border between Jaffa and Tel Aviv. On the weekends it is a popular location for BBQ. Across the road is the new rail park, which became a cool and popular place during the recent closures. The park is hidden between Neve Tzedek, Florentin and North Jaffa, all that is left is to decide and choose between stretching on the grass or sitting next to a table.

In the center of the city you can find a place in Kiryat Safar Pastoral Park, which stands between Yehuda Halevi and Lincoln streets. There are concrete benches and pergolas here.

Lunch can be brought from the underground cafe or from Graziani and continue eating while observing the fish and birds in the ecological pond. Not far from there is the beautiful Givon square, which is hidden between the four streets and Hashmonaim street, the place is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. In the central square there are many wooden picnic tables for free use.

In Yarakon Park you will find endless options for an improvised office - from the stone desks in the Babli Street area to sitting with your laptop next to the riverside.

Residents of the north of the city who prefer grass to the feeling of sitting on asphalt can try the new Histadrut garden in Elozorov, which recently finished undergoing renovation and now also has a work area that is also pleasant, which also includes an electricity and internet connection, as well as we will be able to find food trucks there.

The map of Tel Aviv is crossed by beautiful urban boulevards, the first being Rothschild Boulevard, a local cliché that always proves itself time after time. At both ends of the boulevard there are areas that will suit exactly the type of worker, but also along its length there are corners that will suit a specific task - such as benches or small tables. If the area is too crowded for you, continue a little north to Ben Gurion Boulevard - the long boulevard is full of convenient stopping points from Eben Gvirol to the beach. Further north is Nordau Boulevard, from Penkas to Gan Ha'atsmaat.


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