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Sahar Harrari

" If I were a flower, I would probably be a delphinium. If I wasn't a florist, I would probably be an interior designer. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be everything, a set designer, I wanted to design fashion, spaces, music videos. What remains is interior design, maybe that will happen someday. I believe in courses and experience. I don't think that in this life it is very necessary to follow this path. "

Sahar Harrari

About Sahar

Sahar Harari, 32 years old. Weaver and event designer from Tel Aviv. She draws inspiration from music, documentaries and, of course, the world of flowers.

Where do you work from?

From my studio in Jaffa, set between a carpentry and a garage. On most days, I design flower arrangements for banquet halls all over the country, and also participate in fashion and design productions in various locations in the city of Tel Aviv.

Your favorite part of the day?

I really like my time over coffee in the morning at home. While working, I like to talk to the customers who order from me and find out what kind of flowers they want, or hear an exciting story from them, such as who the bouquet is for, and for what occasion.

A task that you would be glad not to do?

I don't like throwing out the garbage! Or cleaning the floor after me. This is one of the most frustrating things about working with flowers - the dirt never ends. But they are beautiful and amazing and worth every moment with the broom.

A defining moment, or a turning point in your career that you particularly remember?

An interesting question. One of the defining moments in my business, and there were many, is the day I was accepted to the first "pop up museum", and I could express myself and my art with flowers in any form I could imagine, not just in a bouquet of flowers on a table or wrapped with a greeting card.


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